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From: Tim Stillman
Subject: g/m high school Harrad High Sex. Ed. under age hardcore porn Class--day two Harrad High Sex. Ed. Pt. 2
Tim Stillman"Fuck," Mr. Morgan said, first thing second day of the greatest Sex
Ed. Class known to man. I jumped when he said it. So did the other boys.
We were naked again. Some of us--me--for instance--started stripping as
soon as we got in the door. Others started under age naturism unbuttoning their shirts, and
then looked round, wondering the same dream thing I feared yesterday--but
this is really happening. And I bet, speaking of dreams, it is even
better than the ones that woke me this morning, with my dick the hardest
in my life. It hurt, it was so hard.I started jacking, then stopped...wait for class, I thought. Ha! That's
bizarre to think. But I better not get started on the fun too much right
now, `cause I don't want to be alone when I'm sexy anymore.So Mr. Morgan, sitting on the edge of his desk, said, "Fuck" japan under age pussy again and
then said, smiling, words soft, "all of you strip naked please and sit
down." So finally we all did and most every boy had a hard on. Some
shorter than the others. Some longer. Some thicker. Some thinner. Many
went at intriguing angles. Balls were nice. I wanted to lick some. And
got harder thinking about it. All of them were so hot. And I noticed
almost russian under age rape
no one had their hands over their pricks either. Some were showing
them off. One was making fucking motions. We laughed.We looked at each other. There were some giggles. There were some
blushes. The one jock especially blushed up a storm. The class nerd
looked so calm and quiet and studious nude under age models
and perfect being naked. His penis
was the only one that had a hood--a--yes--foreskin on under age horny girls it. And under age nudist pics I wanted to
experiment with it so much. I had heard so much and read so much about
being uncut. Wish I were to touch it first. Maybe.Mr. Morgan explained that "fuck" is not a bad word, nor is
"cocksucker" or the other words, because they mean nice things people
can do sexually with each other. People should use them for under age pornos that reason,
he said, and not any other. He said, "Did anybody masturbate last night
or this morning before school?" And we looked round, for a show of
hands-how interesting rings look on fingers and glasses look on eyes,
when boys wearing them wear porn under age nothing else. nude girls under age
Makes them look even more
naked. And that can only be a good thing. How wonderful to see all under age girl models
and makes of naked boys round me in a classroom. That just makes me
hornier for some reason.No one raised their hands. Our teacher smiled and said, "Thought not.
Even though you can cum maybe four or five times a day?""Six" said one voice, the voice of the frail boy at the back of the
room. Albert put his hand down, turned his face to his desk, and was so
embarrassed when he blurted that out. The jock and the two really
handsome boys in school who had nice thick patches of pubic hair and
jazzy hard ons under age nude that glistened in the morning sunlight through the windows
smiled at him in kind of amazement, as if readjusting their image of him.
And some day, who knows?, maybe of themselves as well."Nothing to be ashamed of, if you ask me," someone said, and then I
realized it was me. Some other boys said to Albert, "way to go,"
"didn't know you had it in you," "all those books you read and
everything, never thought you..."Mr. Morgan said, "Good for you, Albert. Pleasure is fine. And beautiful.
And nothing to be ashamed of. We deserve much more of it in this world.
Now, class, I'm going to leave the room for a little while. And while
I'm gone, if anyone wants to, you don't have to, you could show the
other boys how you masturbate. And see if you do it differently than they
do. Okay? I'll be gone just about 15 minutes. So any questions?"Oh god it's going to be me. I am the one. I am so non-essential in the
world, but now I'm going to jack off in front of these boys and my dick
stood up even higher and said hello to my navel.Mr. Morgan left. And I, refusing to think about it, rushed to the front
of the class, and stood there with my hard on, oh why couldn't it be
longer than it was? And me in my birthday suit in front of startled eyes
and faces that were expressing, him? Timothy? He's the under age asia whores sex daredevil?
All the girl magnets in class were somewhat perplexed it wasn't them.
But it was a class full of boys. But it still seemed to bother them.I said, "Here, let me show you." I sat on the desk. That was such warm
creamy feeling wood on my body. Moved some books and notebooks away. I
lay on my side to the class. I said,
"Ah, well I guess, I'll ah..." so, I started squeezing my dick's head
that looks like a flared mushroom. I put my left hand on my shaft. I
looked down at me jacking. I put both hands on my dick. I pushed it out
to the class and pulled it back. I tickled the shaft. And the pee slit. I
couldn't believe this was me. But it was. I cupped my balls. I pinched
my tits hard.I looked at every boy. Some looked away. Some had their eyes fastened on
my dick and my wispy pubic hair and my nice sized balls. And some on the
whole of me. Maybe I wasn't that bad looking after all. That gave me so
much more confidence.As I started jerking away. As did one of them. Not aware of it, it
seemed. Then another and another.Some slid down in their seats and spread their legs. My, those winks
looked nice. And the boys were closing their eyes and then opening them,
looking around at all those naked boys. Gyrating. Pulling hard or soft or
with a couple of fingers or with a fist. However they wanted was fine and
good.One boy, Matthew, held a hand on the shoulder of the boy in front of him,
Bobby, as they jerked off. Though each pretended they Matthew was not
touching his shoulder.`Bout mid way in my masturbation, for some reason, I always start
lifting my left leg and bring it slowly down and up in scissor motion. I
was to find out none of the others did that. When we discussed it later,
Mr. Morgan said, that would be our night's homework assignment--to try
to masturbate just like I did.Wow! Me! I'm the homework assignment! Takes under age naked deep bow to deafening
applause.It was great jerking off in front of the class who I told in heavy
breaths, "come up here and feel my dick if you want to." Oh did the
ones who weren't too into their own did want to. But I could feel their
shyness. And mine too. What if someone had? Could I under age prepubescent tits have gone through
with it? I think that is what this class is about. But, man, am I still
glad no one took me up on my offer.And I started sighing, like I do when I'm close to coming. No more
coming in my pants at school. Being sopping and ashamed the rest of the
day. That was not what this class was about. I put my legs together tight
and I rubbed under age naked hard as I could my dick and I was about there, almost, and
turning my body corkscrew like... One boy cried out as he came and lifted nude under age free his pink and creamy ass off the
chair and let fly that silvery arc cross the room at the same instant a
cocoa color boy shot vintage under age movies his wad. Both wads met in mid air, hit, then passed
by each other, happy rainbows, from two boys, caressing in the early
September golden sunlight, till gravity had under age panties jpeg
its way.And then I came. I came hard and I held my cum in my hand. It just kept
pooling there. One boy looked at me quite a lot through out this. And he
came just as I did. We never stopped looking at each other then. And now
other eyes were on me. I had come last. I was the star. The Timmy has
sung. So today's boy sex opera is drawing to a close.He had never noticed me till now. I had noticed him often from the first
second I laid eyes on him. His name is Jordi. He didn't cum very much at
all but he writhed with orgasm and he fingered his tits with his right
hand. And was beautiful in his small body and his tight pale skin.When we had gotten paper towels from the dispenser nude girls under age at the side of the
room that every class room had for cleaning hands for various reasons, we
dried vintage under age movies everywhere on us and in the room, tossed the towels and went back
to our chairs, exhausted. Sitting there naked of course. And happy to be.Some were lolling their tongues, kiddingly, on their lips, others wished
for a cigarette, and every boy, every one of them, was looking at each
other and themselves, measuring, finding pluses, finding differences, and
seeing what they thought of it all. We had all of us cum in class. And
were, most of us, getting hard again. When the teacher came back in, man,
did we have things to tell him. And all us boys were stroking again, and
two in the front row had touched each other's penises and were rubbing
them hard like they no longer gave a damn who saw them or what it meant.Mr. Morgan said, " That's what part of our course is about," he said
to all of under age amateur sex us, especially the two boys jacking each other. "It means you
are young boys with lots of under age sex images testosterone and it means that you are, under age russian models all
and every one of you, normal as you can be. Some of you are a mixture of
sexualities and it may cause you confusion. Others, well, your brain and
your heart and your DNA are still--well, you are still getting plugged
in. For those who are decided, still, all kinds of sex can be fun.
You'll see, I think. We'll be talking a lot about that in here."Then the bell rang. And we put on our clothes. More slowly this time. Not
like we had done something dirty. We chatted and I put my hand on
Jordi's basket surprising the hell out of Jordi--and not incidentally
me--and he grinned nude under age free
sheepishly and rushed past me to the door. I can't
want to see him jack off. I smiled at Albert as he came up behind Jordi
to the door. I gave Albert a high five sign and then made it a high six
sign, and Albert, who had looked so frre nudes under age lost and lonely, and had avoided
looking at the faces of anybody, looked at mine and he smiled a big happy
smile for a second, then he was Albert again, looking at the floor, and
leaving the room. Always tomorrow, Albert, I thought.Well, now I've done the grunt and grind homework, so finally I get to do
the fun homework. Which means I under aged naked girls am now going to
Me.(Thank you to the really kind people who asked I continue the story.
Please, if anyone wants more, email me. I am deeply grateful to you for
reading my words--it means a lot)
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